About Us

Who We Are

ANC Group Ltd. is a beverage, non-alcoholic soft drinks supplier featuring London Juice Company products as a global master distributor in addition to its brands.

Thanks to our wide gamut of a delicious and refreshing portfolio, as well as years of expertise from the Far-east to Europe, our international customer base enjoys different kinds of drinks suitable for their respective markets.

ANC Group Ltd. has production partnerships in 2 different continents which guarantees smooth logistics nearly all over the globe with a growing number of country/regional distributors.

To learn more about how we can help you to refreshen your customers with our delicious drinks, please reach us and let us start a conversation.

Worldwide Shipping

We ship fast worldwide by air, sea and land; no matter where you are. We cover all logistics options.

Quality Products
Quality Products

Our extensive portfolio is carefully curated with high quality brands & products including specialty items with related certificates.

Best Offers

Best deals; not just in town, but all around, period. Reach us and request for a quote to see by yourself.

Wide Variety

Diverse brand and product line that satisfies all your needs. Not just the quantity but the quality as well.

Reliable & Trustwothy

Our core values are built upon honesty and trust. We aim to be your long term reliable partner by how we conduct our business.