Who We Are

ANC Group Ltd. is a beverage, non-alcoholic soft drinks supplier featuring London Juice Company products as a global master distributor in addition to its brands.

Thanks to our wide gamut of a delicious and refreshing portfolio, as well as years of expertise from the Far-east to Europe, our international customer base enjoys different kinds of drinks suitable for their respective markets.

ANC Group Ltd. has production partnerships in 2 different continents which guarantees smooth logistics nearly all over the globe with a growing number of country/regional distributors.

To learn more about how we can help you to refreshen your customers with our delicious drinks, please reach us and let us start a conversation.

Our Advantages

Worldwide Shipping

We ship worldwide from our different facilities and business partners.

Quality Products
Quality Products

Our drinks are manufactured by fully certified facilities with high quality ingredients from worlds premiere suppliers.

Free Label Design

For our private label customers to support their business we offer free label design and marketing advices.

Wide Variety

Diverse drinks line that satisfies all your needs and of course your thirst!


Our core values are built upon honesty and trust. Our aim is simple; by proving our values with how we conduct business.

Sample Shipment

Upon request we provide sample products so that you can taste our uplifting delicious drinks.

Our Brands
Mr. Mojito
Dr. Malt Xtra

What We Offer


  • Carbonated Soft Drinks
  • Non-Alcoholic Malt Drinks
  • Mocktails
  • Energy Drinks
  • Fruit Drinks and Fruit Juice
  • Seed Drinks (Basil, Chia, etc.)
  • Pulpy Drinks
  • Coconut Drinks
  • Coffe Drinks
  • Spring Water


  • Create new drinks and flavors for our customers
  • Create new brands
  • Label design
  • Marketing strategy support

Delicious Drinks, Cheerful Times. Contact us now!